My projects have included tourism development in the north of Scotland, including the North Highland Way,  a walking route across the top of Scotland, which we hope that one day will be a cycling and horse riding track as well, akin to the South West path.

The raising of the profile of Dunnet Head, the most northerly point of the UK mainland.

The Spanish summer school which will take place during June 2019 is currently being planned with the flamenco dancers, and much more.. Part of the Belfast Book Festival week. Join the Hispanic Society of Carrickfergus before March 2019 and you will get discounts on everything.


I am also writing a novel about “Nuala” – Two pairs of blue eyes.  This is not due out for another couple of years.  I am also writing three booklets about life in Brough village.

The Battle of Brough Bay

Brian Sparks bought Windhaven in 2000 and ran it with his then partner, Tina Irving.  The two, originally from Kent and Lincolnshire, were firstly welcomed by the villagers, until the Brough Bay Association took it upon themselves to make their lives hell.  You can read about what became known as “the Battle of Brough Bay” here.