I am a member of the National Unionists of Journalists in Belfast and edit a site on why Scotland can never be independent with their attitude to inward investors.

My Xmas present from my much loved ex (Brian that is) is membership of the Irish Writers Centre in Dublin.  I can’t wait to get started on Nuala again!  Of course, I haven’t opened it yet… I have to go to Dublin to get it….not a great hardship!

I spent some years as an equestrian journalist for Scottish Equestrian, Welsh Breeds News and other equestrian magazines.

I wrote for the Northern Scot in Aberdeen

Publications I have written for:


  • Welsh Breeds News
  • Scottish and Northern Equestrian
  • Native Pony magazine
  • In Harness

Local newspapers

  • John o Groats Journal (Scotland)
  • Euro Weekly news (Spain)


  • The Lady
  • Market Place – local magazine in Nerja, Spain
  • Grapevine – local magazine in Competa, Spain
  • New Panorama – local magazine in Nerja, Spain

I am currently researching the NC500 and the adverse impact on the local crofting communities and the local population.  I am also lobbying Westminster to scrutinise the public service wastage in Scotland.

The Highlands and Islands Enterprise organisation have come under fire from me for many years, but I finally think I may be getting somewhere.

You can sign our petition to disband them.  For years they tried to get things from me for free, while giving money to dubious organisation, they ignored me, a well travelled, well educated woman, just as many people villified Wendy Alexander.  Yes… I’m off on the politics as well!


Being a keen environmentalist, and having a Post Graduate Diploma in Environmental Economics, Policy and Risk, I am very concerned about the proposed extension to the NC500 out to the precious Peatlands.

I write a weekly newsletter on Tina’s Tattles