After researching the tourism and economic situation in Ireland (both north and South) for the last year or so, we find ourselves in a position to consult on tourism, as well as in Scotland and Spain.  We have teamed up with a Spanish native and can offer services in marine environment through Edgar’s MSc and environmental economics through my own Post Graduate Diploma in the subject.

Tina Irving is now a registered consultant with InvestNI, with specific reference to Libya but can also assist other businesses to get off the ground by signposting to the relevant organisations.

In October 2019 she will officially launch her consultancy business under the banner of TDM Consultancy Services and form a limited company.  Interested parties will be able to buy shares in the company and she is actively seeking partners.  The company owns the feasibility study and business plan for the North Highland Way, and works with a number of councils both in Ireland and Scotland.

The company structure is below:

TDM Consultancy Services

Rachel Carson Enterprises

  •             Hispanic Society of Carrickfergus (proposed the idea of the Instituto de Cervantes in Northern Ireland and organises Spanish events).  Supported by the Spanish community in Northern Ireland and networks widely in the arena.  Also developing the “Trail of the Spanish Armada”.
  •            Friends of the North Highland Way – environmental project focussing on sustainable tourism and climate change in conjunction with councillors and community councillors and businesses in Scotland.
  •          Competa Business Club – focusses on Spain.  Still under development with Costa Women and a number of businesses in Spain.

Legal Services – utilising experience gained in the High Court in Belfast, the small claims court in Ballymena, and in the small claims court in Scotland. Each time as the plaintiff.  We will have the services of a McKenzie Friend as from October 2019.

Networking – Adam Dawson is a Microsoft Engineer and available for work.  Contact us with your requirements.

Project Management – Tina worked for many years in Financial Services in the banks, as well as in IT Companies such as Unisys and IBM.

Tourism development – Tina worked for 16 years in tourism in Scotland.

You can see Tina’s full cv under Dawn Marshall on LinkedIn.