London South Bank University

Rachel Carson Enterprises is delighted to be working with London South Bank University again. As an alumni with a BSc in Computing and Spanish (1998), the Director now has access to their wonderful library where she spent so many happy hours all those years ago. This will be great for the sustainable tourism platform she has designed and will hopefully be built by a placement student in 2020.

London South Bank University

The University has made great strides since it was a polytechnic, and is now renowned for the quality of its graduates all over the world. In particular, the IT students who graduate from London South Bank University are highly sought after.

Invest in northern Scotland

There is a lot of potential to invest wisely in northern Scotland. Plenty of opportunities in green tourism. Rachel Carson Enterprises owns the feasibility study and business plan.

We are working with three big Universities to develop a Green Tourism platform.

Contact: InvestNI. Stephen Fullerton.

Green Destinations

Councils in Northern and Southern Ireland can apply to become a Green Destination by contacting us directly.

We are looking at building an App to support sustainable tourism with a company in Belfast.

This would be very useful for local councils and environmental agencies to save money on path and access works by reducing the amount of money spent by public services, with a private / public sector partnership. Licensing of software products, technical build of bespoke software and design of the potential app encompassing public services and private sector (tourism accommodation, sustainable transport (eg
electric cars, bicycles and horses, as well as consultancy) would allow monitoring of road maintenance required, and track environmental issues, especially in the marine environment off the north coast of Scotland.

Renewable energy and forestry could also be encompassed within the app, monitoring activity of both, along with the planning of installations. Input to the design of the app would cost in the region of £15,000 over 18 months. Build would be the responsibility of a company in Belfast. Testing on one council on the prototype would be preferable.

Sutherland Space Hub

The Highland Council have now kindly provided all of their information under the Freedom of Information Act. We are now waiting on that coming out of the Highlands and Islands Enterprise, and from this we should be able to ascertain exactly how many and what type of jobs will come to the north.

This will be summarised and given to attendees. No electronic copies will be provided at all.

If you are not able to attend, please sign up for Friends of the North Highland Way, and we will add you to our mailing list. .